Replacement Windows Installation Guide

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Image of Information on Replacement Window Installation

The primary source of any Information on Replacement Window Installation is found on the manufacturer’s instruction book. Installation of windows includes steps like fold folding out installation fins, applying sealant caulk, and then install the new replacement windows from outside. Huge Discounts on Replacement Windows have made people to consider buying them for their home. But most of the homeowners hesitate to replace them on their own. So today we bring you an easy DIY guide to install replacement windows.

Here are step by step guide to install the best replacement windows:

  1. Start the procedure by taking measurements from one side to other side of the window inside of the jamb.
  2. Take the measurements of top, middle and bottom as narrowest as possible for the perfect width of your replacement window.
  3. To find the exact height, take measurement from the top of the sill to the bottom of the window’s head jamb. Then take measurements of right, middle and left of the window as shortest as possible for the perfect width of your replacement window.
  4. Next step is to carefully removing the inside stop pieces from with the window. These pieces can be reused with new windows.
  5. Then remove the inside sash. Slide the outside sash to the bottom of the window and remove them as you did for the inside sash.
  6. After removing sashes, you should clean the window jambs and sill them thoroughly. Fill any holes in the jambs or sill with caulk.
  7. Finally, now you install your new replacement windows. Caulk and sill the inside angle and place a globule of caulk along the inside of the outside stops on the jambs.
  8. Fit the expander and caulk its top on the top of the new windows.
  9. Now you can place in the window and check whether it is a perfect square or not. If not, shim as required.
  10. Then at the bottom and the top, install the mounting screws. Remember not to tighten screws too much or you will end up deforming the side jambs.
  11. Now, to seal all the remaining gaps, slide the header up.
  12. Check for any remaining gaps by sliding the top and bottom sashes up and down.
  13. Now sit back and relax. If you compare new replacement windows with your old home windows, you will find that why are they better choice.

We hope this easy DIY guide will help you installing your replacement windows without any problem. Low Cost Replacement Windows have become better option to have at your home in place of old windows. If you still find it difficult to install, contact us at


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