How Measure Windows for Replacement

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Replacement Windows

There a time comes when your existing windows become very old and drafty from consistent exposure to elements. This is the time when it becomes essential to replace your current windows with replacement windows. They are better choice as compared to new windows as Low Cost Replacement Windows fits into everyone’s budget and betters appearance of your home.

There are many types of replacement windows that you can buy. You can go for single or double hung windows, traditional French windows, Hooper windows, louvered windows, or sliding windows. In addition to that, you can also choose a number of Different Materials in Replacement Windows that can add extra longevity and looks to the windows. Primary materials that you may choose from are wood, steel, vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass.

If we compare replacement windows by materials, people opt for aluminum replacement windows over other materials for warmer climates where heat loss is not a problem. Vinyl material is the Best Replacement Window if your home is located in colder climate. One of the major advantages of Vinyl is that they provide energy efficiency. On the other hand fiberglass replacement windows are very strong and durable but are the most expensive one so not everyone can afford them.

Once you make up your mind about a particular style and material, next big question arises is to measuring windows for replacement. Well, it is not that hard to do if you know the basics. Let me today discuss about how to measure for replacement windows.

Required materials to measure

You will require a paper to jot down each measurement.

Required tools to measure

You will require a measuring tape and a pencil.

Steps to Measure

You need to measure windows for width, height, square and level. Width and height dimensions are fine if you are performing your measurements simply to get an estimate.

  • Take your measuring tape and measure two sides of window’s length and also measure mid section of window
  • Now only one height measurement will be needed so measure it first
  • Now get your measuring tape and measure the width of window, take care of accuracy while taking this measure
  • You can ask your family members to help you if the windows are too big

Finally you can write down measurements on the paper with the approximation of +/- 1 centimeter. But to make it more accurate, it is recommended that you take same measurements three times. That will help you to make it very accurate. Further to get help on replacement windows or to get huge discount on replacement windows you can always visit us at


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