Get your old window converted to new Replacement window

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Image of fitting your New Replacement Windows at Home

The time has reached now when you have to say bye to the old windows. It’s time to remove your old windows so that your new replacement windows can be mounted in the hole that is left. There are few household things which you need to buy once good so that it last’s long for your house. Buy replacement windows can be considered as one of them.

Before that collect few bunch of tools you would require for fitting your New Replacement Windows at Home. For example hammer, sharp knife, screwdriver, fulcrum and etc.

The fact that the Replacement Window Benefits are really impressive option for your property enhancement, people should go for it. Order Replacement Windows in very simple steps. Let’s us get to know one by one for that.

  1. Remove any curtains and curtain rods, as well as any shades or venetians and their hardware. You will probably need the Phillips head attachment for your screwdriver
  2. Carefully insert the pry bar from the top and loosen the window moulding as you will likely need it when your new windows are installed
  3. Without applying too much force (you will likely need the fulcrum here to raise the pry bar and successfully remove the decorative window moulding surround
  4. With the moulding removed you should be able to see the existing window frame and window; remove the old window at this point, ensuring that any internal sash cord or weights are also removed. These will be revealed after the old windows are removed and the frame is taken apart
  5. Remove any interior frame members that may be left so that the whole is ready to receive the replacement window
  6. Make sure you save any decorative mouldings that you may need and be sure that the following items are ready for the Installation of the New Window: caulk and caulking gun, shims, Number 10 nails for toenailing work and setting the frame

Your window space is now ready to receive the new replacement windows. This is not easy work and it should be done by a crew of experienced installers, unless you have a feel for mechanical work. It is recommended that you use an installation crew with a strong reputation with the principals that believe in the old maxim the customer comes first.


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