New Vinyl Windows

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Most prevalent New Vinyl Windows are available as Retrofit and Replacement Vinyl Windows

It can be decided which one to use, by checking the inches. It should be less than 3 inches from outside point, for Retrofit frame, so flush fin can rest up to the inside point, till the end of old frame. And, more than 3 inches, for Replacement frame.

Installing Retrofit frames:

  • Drill 3/8″ holes in the parts of the frame.
  • Remove old panels and apply sealing at the face of aluminium frame kept aside.
  • Insert the window at the applied caulk.
  • If the window is out of square, then place a shimming material between the bottom of the window frame and sill.
  • If it is square, insert a 3″ deck screw into 3/8″ holes and wood studs. And, remove the sliding panel.
  • Install the sliding panel, by inserting one screw in the bottom centre, and then applying the caulk around the screw head.
  • At outside, seal the gap, where the retrofit fin meets the exterior surface of the home.
  • For inside, first plug the 3/8″ screw holes.
  • Block the gap around the new frame, via insulation. The, install trim around the inside for completion.
  • Seal at the meeting point of trim and wall.

Installing the Replacement frame:

Same procedure is for inside, as Retrofit frame.


  • Apply the flat trim.
  • Apply sealant to the old frame.
  • Cut the top and bottom trim pieces after measuring.
  • Apply adhesive part of the trim at Vinyl Window Frame, and the other part should link to the applied caulk.
  • All four sides are to be trimmed, and apply caulk at the meeting point of trim and exterior material.


Follow the guided steps, and complete the installation fruitfully.


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