Best Windows Replacement

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Best Windows Replacement is a most renowned concept nowadays. It involves replacing old windows of home with the new windows, without disturbing the frame.

Most popular window, grabbing the market is Vinyl replacement windows, offering maximum benefits at the most affordable rate and convenience.

After choosing the Vinyl windows and taking measurements, important aspect is to install Vinyl windows in wood frame opening.

Here, are some steps which can be followed:

  • Take away sipping materials from the window.
  • Mark numbers on openings and respective numbers on masking tapes, for new window units. So, when the new units arrive, there is no hassle in inserting the right unit at right opening.
  • Insert the window, by first placing the bottom part and then adjusting the upper part of the window, by raising it to the top, till it can rest on outside blind stops.
  • If it is inserted properly, then remove it and keep aside.
  • Apply a drop of caulk on the face of outside blind stops.
  • Now, place the window, by first raising and lowering the sashes to be confirm, that window is square in the opening.
  • Place the shims in 4
  • Now, before installing the inside stops, apply caulk at both sides and at the top. And, replace the old nails with the new ones.
  • Install the shortest stop first.
  • Caulk the area of the inside stop where it meets the casing, and where the stop meets new frame.
  • Apply the caulk at the nail holes of inside stops, for hiding the nail heads.
  • Last step is to caulk at a point, where outside blind stops meets the New Vinyl Windows, and the bottom gap filler with wood sill.


Just follow these simple steps and make your installation convenient.


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